• Sales Reward


    Loyality and Reward Points is a specially designed module which provides you reward points with every sale. We can use our points with Sale Order, Invoice, POS and Website as well. This module also provides Barcode and Loyality card for customers.

    Features of the Module

    Customer type
    We assign different types to customer and use different points and validaity

    Use Reward Points
    We assign different types to customer and use different points and validaity

    Loyality card and number with Barcode
    We assign different types to customer and use different points and validaity

    Module Provides Following Features

    Reedem reward point through POS
    Reedem reward point through Website
    Gives differnt points and validity to customers
    Adds special points for customer’s birthday
    Sends loyality card through mails to customers
    Sends an e-mail to customers for any purchase and wishes on birthday

    Reedem reward points through Sale order
    Reedem reward point through Invoice.
    Adds any website to part of layality program
    We can add any product to part of loyality program
    Feature to set minimum and maximum price limit to give rewards

    How to Setup

    Rewards Module Setup And Configuration

    Assigns Customer Type to Customer

    Automatically Calculates Reedem Amount When Added Points

    Prints Sales card

    Adds Website to Part Of Loyality Program

    Uses Points From Sales

    Uses Points From Invoice

    Uses Points From Pos

    Uses Points From Website

  • BookUpp – Google Calendar Addon


    Explore the key features of plugin

    BookUpp – Google Calendar Addon is a powerful plugin that allows you to synchronize all WooCommerce orders as events to your Google Calendar.
    With this plugin, you can add WooCommerce customers as attendees to events and set reminders for the events to keep you on top of your schedule.
    The plugin also tracks order details as event descriptions, including the customer’s location, providing you with all the information you need in one place.
    The plugin is highly customizable and provides admins with the flexibility to create Google events for certain orders or all orders, making it easy to manage orders and appointments.
    With this plugin, you can stay organized and keep your schedule streamlined for maximum productivity. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with “BookUpp – WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling System,” allowing you to manage appointments and orders on your website effectively.

  • Quickbooks Odoo Connector


    QuickBooks Odoo Connector is a specially designed module which connect Odoo with QuickBooks Online.QuickBooks online(QBO) is largely used account management application in USA. QuickBooks Online Odoo Connector will help you to integrate odoo with QBO to manage your inventory from odoo side easily.

    Features of the Module

    Sync on Single click
    On a single tick Create, Update and Sync one or multiple records from Odoo to Quickbooks

    Get status of synced data
    Get status of synced data or failed to sync and there response data.

    Module Provides Following Features:

    Import Customer into odoo.
    Import Account Tax Code and Rate into odoo.
    Import Vendor into odoo.
    Import Payment Term into odoo.
    Import Employee into odoo.
    Import Department into odoo.
    Import Payment Method into odoo.
    Import Product into odoo.
    Import Sales Order into odoo.
    Import Account into odoo.
    Import Purchase Order into odoo.
    Import Invoices into odoo.
    Export Customer to QuickBooks Online.

    Export Account Tax Code and Rate to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Vendor to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Payment Term to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Employee to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Department to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Payment Method into QuickBooks.
    Export Product to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Sale Order to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Account to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Purchase Order to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Invoices to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Receipts to QuickBooks Online.
    Export Timesheets to QuickBooks Online.
    Single Sync button on every form view to export data instantly.

    Backend Setup And Configure

    One Place For Import Export
    Module Provides Following Features:

    From here we can do Import Export for following items:
    Sale Order
    Payment Attched with Invoices
    Maintain your Quick-Books online product/customers/employees/inventory from odoo on single click.

    Purchase Order
    Payment Term
    Payment Method
    Sync all through single Export button.
    Here two separate tabs are available and under those import export tab some buttons are available on clicking those button odoo data with Quickbooks backend Import/Export to QuickBooks.

    One Place For Import Export

    Manage Your QuickBooks online Product From Odoo

    Manage Your Purchase Order From Odooo

    Manage Your Sales Invoice and Vendor Bill From Odoo

    Simple View Of Customer/Vendor After Importing Into Odoo

    Other Stuff We Can Import/Export Into Odoo.
    Invoice Payments

    Vendor Bill Payments

  • Magento Quickbooks Connector


    Magento QuickBooks Connector /Integration efficiently connect Magento 2 store with your QuickBooks Online and sync real-time order info based on various Triggers.  QuickBooks Online Magento Integration extension automatically Syncs customers, products and Orders to QuickBooks automatically whenever a customer places an order.
    With Magento 2 QuickBooks online Connector all data is synchronized immediately; there are no limits on amount of data sync.
    Key Features of Magento Quickbooks Connector

    ✔ Sync Unlimited orders, without Monthly Fees.
    ✔ Real-Time Sync for Sales Order, connect QuickBooks Online and Magento 2 to automate your work.
    ✔ User-Friendly and Easy to Setup (Free setup support available via Skype call)
    ✔ Community Edition (Open Source) as well as Enterprise Edition (and Cloud & Commerce) are compatible
    ✔ Supports Products, Customer, and Sales Order Export..
    ✔ Sync orders from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online
    ✔ Sync products from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online
    ✔ Sync customers from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online
    ✔ Update and match products and customers in QuickBooks Online with Magento 2
    ✔ Export Historic Orders to  QuickBooks Online.
    ✔ Supports manual as well as automatic sync.
    ✔ It works for all countries including USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK , and INDIA

     Following triggers/options available to choose your  workflow
    When an order is placed in Magneto Store then you can do following :

    Create Estimate 
    Create Invoice 
    Create Sales Receipt
    Create Invoice and Send
    Create Sales Receipt and Send
    Create Estimate and Send

    Benefits of Magento Quickbooks Integration
    Save your Time and Money
    Makes It Easy for Magento Sellers to Manage, Sync, and Track Inventory.
    Completely automated accounting
    Customer Information in QuickBooks is Always Accurate
    Effortlessly Manage Your Stock Levels
    Automatically Keep Your Products Updated
    Reduced Errors


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