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Setup Configuration

After installing and activating the plugin, a new shipping method ‘WooCommerce Shipping Pro – USPS ’ is added to WooCommerce Shipping settings. Now you can configure this USPS shipping method as per your requirement. You can navigate to the setting in two ways.

1) From Installed Plugin Settings

(Plugin > Installed Plugin > WooCommerce Shipping Pro – USPS> Settings)


2) From Woocommerce Settings

(Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping > USPS)

Account Setup

For creating the USPS account Click on the website link website

Steps to create an account:
1. Choose language & username
2. Enter Security information
3. Choose your account type as Business Account
4. Enter Account information
5. Find your business address

-After creating your account you have to get the User id and password which is required for USPS configuration
-Find below link for getting user is and password


After the visited the link you will have the Id and Password with email. So enter the credentials in below setting

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