Smart Location Allocation For Multi-Location

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 Prices By User Role,Allows Discounts on Regular price or Sale price, Ability to set discount to a variable as well as a simple product.


Smart Location Allocation for Multi Location is a powerful plugin that empowers you to strategically assign locations based on customizable rules, allowing you to incorporate both matching and non-matching conditions. With this plugin, you gain precise control over your location settings, optimizing your workflow and enhancing the efficiency of your multi-location setup.

Key Features:

  • Conditional Logics: Empower yourself to dictate the execution of specific rules according to your unique requirements through the Conditional Logics feature. This functionality enables you to seamlessly organize, activate, or deactivate conditions within the realm of location allocation, offering a tailored approach to optimizing your multi-location setup.

Supported Conditions Include:

  • Products:
    • Specific Products
    • Product Categories
    • Product Tags
    • Product Attributes
    • Product Variations
    • Product Price ($)
    • Product Shipping Class
    • Product Meta Field
  • Product Properties:
    • Product Types
    • Product Total Sold
    • Product Is On Sale
    • Product Stock Status
    • Product Stock Quantity
    • Product Weight
    • Product Shipping Class
    • Product Meta Field
  • Cart:
    • Subtotals Including Tax
    • Subtotals Excluding Tax
    • Totals Including Tax
    • Totals Excluding Tax
    • Cart Total Quantity
    • Cart Total Weight (kg)
    • Number Of Cart Items
    • Applied Coupons
    •
    • Products In Cart
    • Categories In Cart
    • Tags In Cart
    • Variations In Cart
    • Attributes In Cart
    • Subtotal Of Cart Item
  • Customer:
    • Billing Country
    • Billing State
    • Billing Postcode
    • Payment Method
  • Customers:
    • User Is Logged In
    • User Roles
    • User Capabilities
    • Customer Value
    • Total Spent ($)
    • Last Order Date
    • Last Order Amount ($)
    • Average ($) Per Order
    • Maximum ($) Per Order
    • Minimum ($) Per Order
    • Number Of Orders
    • Purchase History
  • Shipping:
    • Shipping Method
    • Shipping Zone
    • Shipping Cost
    • Shipping Country
    • Shipping State
    • Shipping Postcode
  • Date & Time:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Days Of Week
    • Days Of Month
    • Months Of Year
  • Quantity:
    • Quantity Of Cart Item
    • Products Quantity
    • Categories Quantity
    • Attributes Quantity
    • Variations Quantity

Effortlessly manage and allocate locations with precision using Smart Location Allocation for Multi Location.


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