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    StockUpp Point Of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce

    POS Ninja is a simple interface for taking orders and selling products at the Point of Sale using your WooCommerce online store.

    The POS Ninja for WooCommerce plugin enables store owners to sell goods both offline and online. Orders, customers, and product information from your online business can be synced with point of sale data, and vise – versa. Grocery/retail modes can use this point of sale plugin.

    It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and communicates with your store using REST APIs. Also, it can be used both online and without the internet. The database of your WooCommerce will immediately sync any orders placed from the POS on the frontend, just like any other information pertaining to product supply, customer information, etc.

    It was created using the React platform. It is easily able to manage an infinite amount of products, outlets, orders, customers, etc.


    The functionality of the module can be turned on or off by the store owner.
    There are two forms of inventory management available in POS systems: centralized/WooCommerce stock and multiple locations
    Inventory types at various outlets may vary if the Multi location  plugin is also activated.
    Default product barcode creation based on product ID or SKU can be chosen by the store owner.
    For a quick process at the POS end, all orders can be created in offline mode and then automatically synced online.
    Variations may be shown at the point of sale as separate goods.
    The POS logo is up to the store owner.
    Any customer can be chosen by the store owner as the default or guest customer for orders at the POS end.
    The POS can be set to use Progressive Web App (PWA) so that desktop and mobile applications can be installed.
    The analytics report of the sales made at the POS end is available to store owners.
    The cashiers can be given multiple outlets to manage.
    outlets may be retail or grocery
    The store owner can designate multiple cashiers.
    At the POS end, cashiers can oversee several outlets.
    Barcodes are automatically created based on a product’s SKU or ID.
    The products in the relevant outlet may receive custom stock.
    WooCommerce Products Import enables large CSV assignments of custom stock.
    Owners of retail establishments have access to the list of orders with the corresponding POS-created cashier and outlet.
    The list of transactions created at the POS end for each outlet and cashier is available to store owners.
    Both cashiers and administrators have access to the outlet in the POS.
    Any screen size device can utilize POS because it is entirely responsive.
    In the POS, simple and variable products are supported.
    Discounts for products, carts, and coupons can be applied at the POS.
    In the POS, customers can be added, modified, and deleted.
    In the POS, orders may be held for later placement.
    Orders can be placed at the POS in person or online.
    Orders placed offline can be online synchronized in the POS.
    At the point of sale, orders can be seen.
    At the POS end, order refunds and returns are possible.
    Daily data can be shown at the POS end as Open Cash Drawer Amount, Today’s Cash Sale, Today’s Total Sale, and Expected Drawer Amount.
    At the POS end, transactions can be examined.
    At the POS end, manual transactions can be produced.
    In the POS, the cashier profile can be changed.
    The cashier can change the outlet at the POS end.
    If anything changes on the backend, the POS’s outlet data can be reset to load the most recent information.
    All orders have the option of printing a sales invoice or receipt at the POS.
    At the POS end, products can be added by scanning or typing in the barcode.
    When adding items to the shopping basket, sound will be present.
    On the POS end, you can search for products, orders, and customers.
    At the POS, hold orders can be removed from the cart or added.
    On logout, outlet data may be erased so that the updated data will be loaded.
    Management is tax.
    The amount can be entered on the pay page using the keyboard or the on-screen num-pad.
    plus a lot more…

    POS Ninja: A Progressive Web App
    Installing a progressive web app for the point of sale allows you to open the point of sale in the app interface on PCs and tablets. The app icon is created on the home screen.

    POS Ninja main screen

    Customers List – POS Ninja
    Cashiers are able to search for, add, customers here. By selecting the Set Customer button, the customer can be chosen for the order.

    POS Ninja: Orders List
    Cashiers can view Order information in this List. Both online and offline orders can create an order receipt or invoice. Hold orders can either be deleted or added back to the cart to be placed.

    POS Ninja: Hold
    If a customer requests it in the grocery store or retail establishment, the cashier may hold any order.

    POS Ninja: Updating Cart Products
    The quantity of the product can be changed by the cashier directly from the cart.

    StockUpp Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce: Offline Order
    The order will be placed as offline if there is currently no internet connection, and the cashier will be able to sync those offline orders online once there is internet.

    POS Ninja: Order Refund
    By choosing the products in the order, the cashier can process refunds or returns for orders placed through the POS. Restocking of returned items can be enabled or disabled, and the refund reason can be entered.

    StockUpp Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce: Sales Receipt/Invoice
    Sales invoice/receipts can be generated and printed following the placement of an order. Invoices for previous orders may be printed from the orders menu.

    Some of the examples of establishments that are supported with StockUpp POS are Retail,gymnasium, healthcare, spas, supermarkets, clubs, clothing stores, and many other establishments.

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