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  • BookUpp – Paypal Payment Gateway Addon


    Important: The BookUpp Wordpress Booking System must be installed and activated in order to use this
    plugin, which is an add-on. Check out BookUpp Wordpress
    Booking System page at CodeCanyon.

    Within five minutes, you can begin taking Paypal payments on your WordPress website. For customers
    who want to start selling bookable products and services online right away, this is a really straightforward

    Integrates seamlessly with the BookUpp Wordpress Booking System plugin. With the BookUpp plugin, you can
    create Bookable goods and services, configure it with Paypal, and you are all set. After completing the
    booking process, users will be promptly taken to Paypal. It’ll be a complete integration. Once a payment has
    been received, the user will be redirected to the booking confirmation page.

    Accept payments in 25 different currencies worldwide by combining the adaptability of a BookUpp Wordpress
    Booking System with the strength of Paypal!

    You will be able to collect payments for all the bookable items on your website by utilizing this plugin.

    Before setting up the Live ones, you can also utilize the SandBox (testing) Stripe credentials.
    Features of BookUpp – Paypal Payment Gateway Addon:
    ✔ Integrates seamlessly with BookUpp Wordpress Booking System

    ✔ Start taking payments for your bookable products and rental services

    ✔ One of the most popular online payment option

    ✔ Multiple Currencies Supported

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    you looking for any additional features Or have Pre-Sale Question for BookUpp – Paypal Payment Gateway Addon

    For Free configuration support send request to Skype: techspawn1 or Email to

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    = Version 1.0.0 =
    – Initial Realase.

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