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  • BookUpp – Dokan Compatibility Addon


    Important: The BookUpp Wordpress Booking System must be installed and activated in order to use this
    plugin, which is an add-on. Check out BookUpp Wordpress
    Booking System page at CodeCanyon.

    BookUpp – Dokan Compatibility Addon is the ultimate solution for vendors using Dokan to
    sell bookable products on their online store!

    With BookUpp – Dokan Compatibility Addon, you can now
    easily sell and manage bookable products on your Dokan-powered online store. Whether you’re a tour operator,
    a rental company, or a service provider, this addon is perfect for you.

    The BookUpp – Dokan
    Compatibility Addon allows vendors to create and manage bookable products directly from
    their Dokan Dashboard. Vendors can set availability, pricing, and booking options, and even manage their
    bookings in real-time.

    Customers can easily book products on your store and make payments directly
    through the checkout process,
    ensuring a seamless and convenient booking experience.
    Features of BookUpp – Stripe Payment Gateway Addon:
    ✔ Create Bookable Products From Vendor Dashboard

    ✔ Display Date And Time Slot In The Order

    ✔ Display Selected Location Name In Order

    ✔ Set Up Booking Availability From Vendor Dashboard

    ✔ Manage Bookings From A Vendor Dashboard

    ✔ Get Booking Details Via Email Notifications
    Create and Manage
    Bookable Products From Vendor Dashboard

    We have made it easier for vendors to create and manage their bookable products all in one place, their vendor
    dashboard. With this feature, vendors can now easily create new bookable products, edit existing ones, and
    manage their availability all from the vendor dashboard. This feature is perfect for tour operators, rental
    companies, and service providers. With just a few clicks, vendors can create bookable products, set
    availability, pricing, and booking options and manage the bookings real-time with ease. Say goodbye to the
    hassle of managing bookable products and hello to a seamless and efficient booking process with our Create
    Bookable Products from Vendor Dashboard feature.


    With this addon, you can now easily sell and manage bookable products on your Dokan-powered online store,
    making it easier for your customers to find and book your services. So, what are you waiting for? Install
    BookUpp – Dokan Compatibility Addon today and start selling bookable products on your online store!

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    Feel free to ask our Support
    you looking for any additional features Or have Pre-Sale Question for BookUpp – Dokan Compatibility Addon

    For Free configuration support send request to Skype: techspawn1 or Email to

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    = Version 1.0.0 =
    – Initial Realase.

  • BookUpp – Google Calendar Addon


    Explore the key features of plugin

    BookUpp – Google Calendar Addon is a powerful plugin that allows you to synchronize all WooCommerce orders as events to your Google Calendar.
    With this plugin, you can add WooCommerce customers as attendees to events and set reminders for the events to keep you on top of your schedule.
    The plugin also tracks order details as event descriptions, including the customer’s location, providing you with all the information you need in one place.
    The plugin is highly customizable and provides admins with the flexibility to create Google events for certain orders or all orders, making it easy to manage orders and appointments.
    With this plugin, you can stay organized and keep your schedule streamlined for maximum productivity. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with “BookUpp – WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling System,” allowing you to manage appointments and orders on your website effectively.

  • Sale!

    Smart Location Allocation For Multi-Location

    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $29.00.

    Smart Location Allocation for Multi Location is a powerful plugin that empowers you to strategically assign locations based on customizable rules, allowing you to incorporate both matching and non-matching conditions. With this plugin, you gain precise control over your location settings, optimizing your workflow and enhancing the efficiency of your multi-location setup.

    Key Features:

    Conditional Logics: Empower yourself to dictate the execution of specific rules according to your unique requirements through the Conditional Logics feature. This functionality enables you to seamlessly organize, activate, or deactivate conditions within the realm of location allocation, offering a tailored approach to optimizing your multi-location setup.

    Supported Conditions Include:


    Specific Products
    Product Categories
    Product Tags
    Product Attributes
    Product Variations
    Product Price ($)
    Product Shipping Class
    Product Meta Field

    Product Properties:

    Product Types
    Product Total Sold
    Product Is On Sale
    Product Stock Status
    Product Stock Quantity
    Product Weight
    Product Shipping Class
    Product Meta Field


    Subtotals Including Tax
    Subtotals Excluding Tax
    Totals Including Tax
    Totals Excluding Tax
    Cart Total Quantity
    Cart Total Weight (kg)
    Number Of Cart Items
    Applied Coupons
    Products In Cart
    Categories In Cart
    Tags In Cart
    Variations In Cart
    Attributes In Cart
    Subtotal Of Cart Item


    Billing Country
    Billing State
    Billing Postcode
    Payment Method


    User Is Logged In
    User Roles
    User Capabilities
    Customer Value
    Total Spent ($)
    Last Order Date
    Last Order Amount ($)
    Average ($) Per Order
    Maximum ($) Per Order
    Minimum ($) Per Order
    Number Of Orders
    Purchase History


    Shipping Method
    Shipping Zone
    Shipping Cost
    Shipping Country
    Shipping State
    Shipping Postcode

    Date & Time:

    Days Of Week
    Days Of Month
    Months Of Year


    Quantity Of Cart Item
    Products Quantity
    Categories Quantity
    Attributes Quantity
    Variations Quantity

    Effortlessly manage and allocate locations with precision using Smart Location Allocation for Multi Location.


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