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Shipments Settings

– Shipping Preference: Choose shipping preference from dropdown value.
1. Origin Address
2. Shipper Address
– Shipper Postcode: Enter the shipper’s postcode.
– Shipper person Name: Enter the name of the shipper owner.
– Shipper Company Name: Enter the company name of the shipper owner.
– Shipper Phone Number: Enter the shipper’s phone number.
– Shipper Email: Enter the shipper’s email address.
– Shipper Street Address: Enter the shipper’s street address.
– Shipper City: Enter the shipper’s city name.
– Origin Country and State: Enter the shipper owner country and state.
– Enable Fallback: Enable the fallback price if the shipping cost is taken as default cost if UPS does not return any quotes. This allows the customer to check out even if UPS does not return any quotes. Leave blank to disable it.
– Fallback Price: You can add a fallback price amount here.

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