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Plugin Provides different services as per customer’s need. It provides the domestic as well as the International services to the customer as follows.

-Domestic services are
1.   3 Day Select.
2.   Ground
3.   2nd Day Air
4.   2nd Day Air AM
5.   Next Day Air
6.   Next Day Air Saver
7.   Next Day Air Early AM
8.   Standard
-Worldwide Services are
1.   Worldwide Express
2.   Worldwide Express Plus
3.   Worldwide Expedited Standard
4.   Worldwide Saver

– Enable the services and save the services.

– Price Adjustment ($): Using price adjustment you can manage price from the actual shipping price. That is by adding and subtracting the amount. You can use the minus sign to subtract the amount.

– Price Adjustment (%): You can manage the amount in % by adding the amount in each service.

– Buffer Days For Delivery: This field shows the buffer days on the cart page for delivery. For showing buffer days on cart enable the show delivery days option.

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