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Key Features

Key Features of WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS :

    ✔ Easy to install and Configure
    ✔ Supports all UPS parcel rates as well as UPS Negotiated Rates
    ✔ Real-Time UPS shipping rate calculations.
    ✔ Dynamic shipping rates based on Cart Weight and Address.
    ✔Automatically generate and Print Shipping Label for orders.
    ✔ Shipment Tracking for customers and shop owners.
    ✔ Add Fees or Discounts on UPS rates based on percent or fixed value.
    ✔ The estimated delivery date displayed in the checkout.
    ✔ Add buffer to estimated delivery date based on order preparing time
    ✔ UPS can calculate quotes for both Domestic and International parcels.
    ✔ Selected UPS Shipping methods will be automatically displayed on checkout.
    ✔ Supports delivery to UPS Access Point
    ✔ Automatically converts weights and dimensions for any zone
    ✔ Works with any currency worldwide.
    ✔ Multi-currency support with Ultimate Currency Switcher Plugin.
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