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Label Generation

The label generation settings as shown below.

Shipment Purpose: choose the shipment purpose as per your choice from the dropdown value.
Label Size: Choose the label sie from the dropdown value.

Label Image Type: Using this field you can use the image type as PDF, PNG, DPL, EPL2, ZPLll, etc.

TIN Number: Enter the Tax Identification Number in this field.

TIN Type: Enter the TIN type.

Enable Tracking info in Customer Order Mail: After the successful completion of an order the email will send to the customer and the customer will have the tracking info into the email.

COD Collection type: Select COD Collection Type as cash, Any, or Gureented funds.
Enable automatic label creation on order completion: By enabling this option you will be able to create automatic labels on order completion.

Exclude tax from products while generating labels: This field is used for excluding the tax from products while generating labels.

Save the settings and you can see and download ‘view label’ from backend WooCommerce >>order

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