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Steps to install the plugin:

1) WordPress Plugin uploader

1. Log into your WordPress admin pane.
2. Navigate to plugin>Add New.
3. Click upload.
4. Click choose file and select the WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx plugin package zip.
5. Click Install Now
6. Complete the Installation process as dedicated by WordPress and Activate the plugin.


2) FTP
1. Decompress the .zip file you downloaded from Codecanyon.
2. Find the WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx folder (This directory is created when you unzip the file)
3. Upload the ‘WooCommerce Shipping Pro-FedEx’ folder to the wp-content/plugin directory.
4. Navigate to your control panel: Plugins.
5. Under WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx, Click Activate I Panel: Plugin

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