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General Settings

The General settings as shown below.

Enable the plugin and enter the valid data into FedEx Account Number,FedEx Meter Number, Web Services key, Web Service Password field.
Select the production key checkbox then click on ‘Validate Credentials’ to validate the entered details.
– Ship From Address Preference: In this field, you can set the actual shipper address with the following dropdown options
1. Origin Address
2. Shipping Address
– Shipper Postcode: Enter the shipper’s postcode.

– Shipper person Name: Enter the name of the shipper owner.

– Shipper Company Name: Enter the company name of the shipper owner.

– Shipper Phone Number: Enter the shipper’s phone number.

– Shipper Email: Enter the shipper’s email address.

– Shipper Street Address: Enter the shipper’s street address.

– Shipper City: Enter the shipper’s city name.

– Origin Country and State: Enter the shipper owner country and state

-Shipper Address is Residential: Select the residential checkbox if the delivery of the shipment is at a residential address.

– Shipping charges: Select the shipping charges options from dropdown value.
– Fallback Price: You can add a fallback price amount here.
– FedEx SmartPost Hub: Select the FedEx SmartPost hub from dropdown value.
– Indicia: You can see the multiple indicia options in the dropdown as
1. Media Mail
2. Parcel Return
3. Parcel Select
4. Presorted bound printed matter
5. Presorted Standard
6. Automatic

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