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Setup: Plugin Configuration

We offer free 30-mins Setup and Configuration via Skype. We also offer plugin customization services at a low cost.

Schedule Time For Free Configuration Setup Call.
Support Skype Id & mail : support@techspawn.com

1. WordPress Plugin Uploader.

1. Log into your WordPress admin panel
2. Navigate to Plugin -> Add New
3. Click Upload.
4. Click Choose File and select the Quickbooks plugin package zip.
5. Click Install Now.
6. Complete the installation process as directed by WordPress and Activate the plugin.

2. FTP

1. Decompress/Extract the .zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon.
2. Find the WOO-QB-Connector folder (this directory is created when you unzip the file).
3. Upload the WOO-QB-Connector folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
4. Navigate to your Control Panel: Plugins
5. Under Quickbooks, click Activate Panel: Plugin.

WooCommerce Quickbooks Connector Plugin Configuration

Please go to WordPress Backend and Select WC to Quickbooks Connector plugin.

Step 1: Verify Your Purchase

1. Please Enter your Codecanyon Username.
2. Please Enter your Purchase Code and click on verify.
3. Once your Purchase Code has been Verified, the Add Keys Section will be displayed.

Step 2: Add keys

1. Please copy the redirect URL link (in red font) and login into your Intuit account paste it into Redirect URl (either into Development or Production Environment )

Step 3: Connect to Quickbooks

Note :

* Your account should already be created in intuite.devloper.com so further process gets easy and fast.
1. From App >> Devlopment(sandbox) OR Production >> Key & OAuth >> Copy your Client Key & Client secret >> Paste in your plugin connection. (Refer screenshot 12 & 10,11).

2. Copy Redirect URL >> Go to intuite.developer.com >> App >> Devlopment(sandbox) OR Production >> Key & OAuth >> Paste that redirect url in URI section. >> Save the setting.(Refer screenshot 12 & 10,11).

Screenshot – 12

3. After this process click on connect the quickbook. One connection pop will come select the company >> Click on next. >> then page then connection page automatically redirect to accounts tab(means connection done) if not then it will give you error. (refer screenshot 13 &14)

Screenshot – 13

Screenshot – 14

4. When page redirect on accounts page then >> Click on Get account id (everywhere get accounts option is present). >> After then click on verify connection >> (When connection done sucessfully they will show message connected).
Please refer screenshot – 15

Screenshot – 15

If you want to reset all your connection then click on ‘ Reset Connection’ Button. (Refer Screenshot 16)

Screenshot – 16

5. Once you are successfully connected with Quickbooks You can sync all your Woocommerce information (customers, products, taxes, order, etc) with Quickbooks.
6. Also You have to enable discount and shipping on Quickbooks Side(Go to Company Settings on right top corner -> Sales -> Sales From Content -> Shipping / Discount). (Refer the screenshot 17)

Screenshot – 17

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