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Admin Settings

1. Settings: Rules for Export

1. Go to WP to Quickbooks Connector -> Export Rules.
2. This setting is used to sync your sales order according to the status and you have to select the form in which you want to sync your sales order in the future.
3. Default values are set to ‘Processing’ and ‘Invoice’.Go to WP to Quickbooks Connector -> Export Rules. (Refer screenshot – 18)
[Note : When you select here processing option but while creating order that time supposed you have selected on hold payment condition then that time trying to export the order in quickbook you will get error (Please refer screenshot – 19,20)]

Screenshot – 18 (Export rules)

Screensot – 19

Screenshot – 20

2. Settings: Basic Settings

Here you can access Basic Settings such as.

1. Create new customer in QBO, When sales order is placed by “Guest Customer”.(If you want to do then enable either keep disable)

2. Export sales order to QBO manually. (If you want to do then enable either keep disable)

3. Export customer name as a first name & last name. (as per your requirement)

4. Set the prefixes to your order number in qbo. (If you want to do then enable either keep disable)

5. When the invoice number gets created on QB then it stays with the order number in woocommerce. If we enable this , it will follow the Sequence of Incremental Number in Quickbooks .

Screenshot – 21 Basic setting

3. Settings: Advanced Setting
Here you can access advanced setting such as

[1. Prdouct Setting]

1.1 Sync your product below the example in qbo.(Example : Tou can export product with sku,price,description in qbo)

1.2 What type of description you want in qbo according to that you can select your type like long or short.

1.3 Sync of paypal fees as sales line item.

1.4 Export product as a service/inventory product.

1.5 Enable only if you want to switched item/ sub item to categories in your QBO.

1.6 Import your product from QBO as a draft or publish.

1.7 Map product with income account(as per your requirement)

1.8 If you want to do manually product mapping then enable with keep diable.

1.9 If you want to export and Import bundle product then enable.

1.10 Import only mapped/exported from quickbook then enable either keep disable.

[2. Plugin compaitibility setting]

This is plugin compaitibility setting here you can enable/disable compaititble as per your requirment.

[3. Sync payment fees as Expense]

3.1 Enable only if you want to sync paypal fees as a expense.
3.2 Enable only if you want to sync stripe fees as a expense.


(Please refer the screenshot – 22)
(Screenshot -22 Advanced setting)

4. Setting : Payment Method

Here you can do Payment Method and Deposit to Account Mapping.
(Please refer the screenshot – 23)

Screenshot – 23

5. Setting : Export & Import Method


• Note: Please go to WordPress Backend and Select WC to Quickbooks Connector plugin
1. Setup cron while importing products, exporting products,exporting users and exporting orders.
2. Select date to export all orders in QuickBooks
3. Click on Export All Customers to exports customers in QuickBooks.
4. Click on Export All Products to exports Products in QuickBooks.
5. Click on Import All Products to import Products from QuickBooks.
(Please refer screenshot – 24)

Screenshot – 24

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