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Step 1 :-1. Install plugin from codecanyon.

2. Install this plugin in wordpress.

( Go to plugin >> Add new plugin.>> Plugin activated)

3.Refer screenshot – Image-1

Image -1

Step 2 :-1. Go to plugin setting.

  1. If you want Geo based location functionality then enter your google APIkey.
  2. Select the Geolocation based auto-order allocation.
  3. When this setting we do, then on website we can search product inventrybypostcode.
  4. Refer screenshot – Image -2

Image – 2

Step 3 :-1. After this process go to warehouse setting.

  1. Add warehouses.
  2. Multiple warehouses we can add.
  3. This warehouse will reflect in product page and website pagealso.
  4. Refer screenshot Image – 3

Image – 3

Step 4:- 1. Go to product >> Inventory.

  1. You can enter your stock quantity warehouse wise.
  2. This will reflect on website particular product wise.
  3. Refer the screenshot Image – 4, 5

(Note :Allow and do not allow back order purpose, whenyoukeep backorder do not allow you can order only limited like example in warehouse 2 product and you are trying to order 3 then it will not allow when we backorder set as do not allow, After this if you set allow then you can order extra like example in warehouse 2 product and you are trying to order 3 then it will allow to order)

Step 5 :-1. Go to website >> Select your that product which you have added warehouses .

postcode setting.


  1. As per your requirement select quantity
  2. We have enable geo loacation so you can search warehouse quantityvia
  1. If you dont want geo location functionality then you can disablefrom
  1. When you disable this setting you can directly see product quanityin
  1. Refer Image 6,7

Image – 6 when geo location enable

Image – 7

Step 6 :– 1. After this process add the product in cart & place the order.

  1. After order placed check the quantity in backend means in wordpress andon


also you can see quantity will reduce from warehouse.

  1. This is the funationality of this plugin.
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