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Key Features

 Key Features of Woo-variation-Add-To-cart :

  1. Easy and user-friendly setup.
  2. Displays all the needed data for your Variable products.
  3. Show only selected columns while listing Variations of products.
  4. User can select multiple Variations with the mentioned quantity, on a single click of “Add to cart” button.
  5. Convert Variation product drop-down to Variation table list.
  6. Woo-commerce Product Variation List plugin provides responsive Variation product table on any device
  7. Added “Quick view” button to each Variation which shows Product details in a lightbox when clicked.
  8. Admin can set custom message for In Stock, Out Of Stock and Low Stock Variations.
  9. Option to set minimum quantity to show Low Stock message.
  10. Set regular table or data table from settings.
  11. Notification after successful product addition.
  12. Variation table will be displayed as per the User-role and Category selected in the setting.
  13. Enable and disable table for categories.


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