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Key Features

Key Features of Magento Quickbooks Connector:

  • Sync Unlimited orders, without Monthly Fees.
  • Real-TimeSync for Sales Order, connect QuickBooks Online and Magento 2 to automate your work.
  • User-Friendly and Easy to Setup (Free setup support available via Skype call)
  • Community Edition (Open Source) as well as Enterprise Edition (and Cloud & Commerce) are compatible
  • Supports Products, Customer, and Sales Order Export.
  • Sync orders from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online
  • Sync products from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online
  • Sync customers from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online
  • Update and match products and customers in QuickBooks Online with Magento 2
  • Export Historic Orders to QuickBooks Online.
  • Supports manual as well as automatic sync.
  • It works for all countries including USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK , and INDIA



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