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1.   How many different roles supported by Plugin?

Ans:  You can set 6 different types of discount based on

  1. User Role Wise Discount
  2. Categories Wise Discount
  3. Country Wise Discount
  4. Day Wise Discount
  5. Date Wise Discount
  6. TimeWiseDiscount

2.   How many types can we set Discount?

Ans:   You can set 2 different types of Discount.

  1. By Percentage Wise Discount
  2. By Amount Wise Discount

3.   Does plugin require any special Permission?

Ans:  No.

4.   Does plugin depend on any another plugin?

Ans:  Yes, Woocommerce plugin is required.

5.    Do I need to add different roles for the User Role Wise Discount?

Ans:  NO, if you don’t need to mention any role, then leave it blank, by default it will set the capabilities of the customer user    role.


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